JointWay International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and trusted source for power transmission products. Since our start up May 1995 in Portland, Oregon to our current USA Headquarters located in Vancouver, Washington, JointWay International has been providing high quality Roller Chain Sprockets, Bushings, Hubs, Roller Chain, Shaft Collars and custom OEM parts to our customers throughout the United States and Europe. We provide an excellent Product, competitive Pricing, and un-Paralleled Customer Service.

JointWay International, Inc. has set itself apart by owning and operating our own factory (JointWay Industries), meaning that we do not simply source our products based on the cheapest price (from factories whom we do not have any control over) but instead, we manufacture Our Own parts in Our Own ISO Certified Factory, thus enabling us to offer high quality Parts at an extremely Competitive Price. It is the foundation of our "Win-Win" policy.

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